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Date: 2016-05-03

Sensoria Smart Socks review: Run the other way
These sensor-laden socks and Bluetooth anklet struggle to live up to their $200 price tag.
How a connected greenhouse will improve production and lower costs
Wireless sensor technology has many benefits and will make your greenhouse smarter

Why desktops and laptops are still the choice for professionals
Smartphones and tablets are popular, but are they really a productive tool for todays busy professional?
Privacy or Safety? That is the question.
Cell phone security a hot topic in the basin after a Walmart employee was caught taking inappropriate recordings of women in children in the Odessa store.
Researchers blame parents for kids' attention problems
A new study by researchers at Indiana University shows parents or caregivers whose eyes wander a lot during playtime due to distractions such as cellphones may be raising children with shorter attention spans. Their study is the first to show a direct connection between how long a caregiver looks at an object and how long a baby stays focused on that same object.


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